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The Athletic Club Bar

The Athletic Club Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
The Athletic Club Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by VV Insider


The Athletic Club Bar, located within the expansive Athletic Club area on deck 16 of Virgin Voyages, is more than just a standard bar. This well-stocked watering hole serves up a broad range of beverages including delightfully refreshing frozen concoctions, making it an ideal stop on sunny sea days.

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Refreshments Served in Comfort

Importantly, this isn’t just a place to grab a drink. The Athletic Club Bar caters to guests lounging in the surrounding sun-soaked areas of The Athletic Club. Whether you’re sprawled on one of the spacious circular sunbeds soaking in the rays, or leisurely dipping in the comfortably warm hot tubs enjoying the panoramic ocean views, the bar’s attentive servers ensure that your favorite drink is just an order away. However, remember to enter the hot tubs slowly to avoid unexpected spills!

Activities That Spice Up Your Cruise

In addition to serving top-notch beverages, The Athletic Club Bar transforms into a vibrant hub for some engaging activities when the weather is just right:

PJ Party: Embrace Your Inner ’90s Kid

Ready to reminisce about the good old slumber parties? The PJ Party is a jovial throwback event infused with catchy ’90s pop and RnB tunes. Led by the entertaining ‘The Hostess’ and ‘The Diva’ (the ship’s resident drag queen), this event features a PJ contest with free drinks up for grabs.

Mix It Up: A Spirited Showdown

The ‘Mix It Up’ event is a humorous mock cocktail mixing competition hosted by the Happenings Cast. As two bartenders engage in a playful mix-off with lively dance interludes, guests get to enjoy six inclusive cocktails, making it a memorable event that’s certainly worth the extra charge.

Our Thoughts

The Athletic Club Bar is a versatile space on Virgin Voyages, offering the perfect blend of leisure and entertainment. Whether you’re up for a laid-back day under the sun, a soothing dip in the hot tub, or a playful evening filled with nostalgic tunes and games, The Athletic Club Bar is your go-to spot.

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