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The Tentacle Tour

This invite-only tour is reserved only for Virgin Voyages VIP guests. We can’t reveal all the secrets here but it’s not one to miss if you get a special invite!

The Tentacle Tour on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
The Tentacle Tour on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Kristina Flour

About The Tentacle Tour

The Tentacle Tour is an invite-only event hosted on Scarlet Night. This exclusive tour is designed for the cruise line’s VIP guests. The tour offers a unique experience that takes participants behind the scenes and into the heart of the ship’s operations.

Exclusive Invitations

Participation in The Tentacle Tour is strictly by invitation only. These special invites are reserved for those in the highest Mega Rockstar accommodations and members of the exclusive 485C club. Select other guests may be invited if there is space left over.

Timing and Hosts

The Tentacle Tour takes place during the Scarlet Night, one of the key highlights of the cruise. The tour is expertly guided by members of The Happenings Cast. This ensures the small group of sailors get to experience a truly personalized and engaging tour.

Unique Features

The tour takes guests through off-limits, exclusive parts of the ship, offering a peek into areas that typically remain unseen by most passengers. It gives attendees a unique perspective on the ship’s operations and facilities.

In addition, the tour also includes visits to some of the ship’s popular venues and events such as The Octopus Garden & Opening Event. This ensures that the guests, while enjoying their exclusive tour, do not miss out on the vibrant atmosphere and activities happening around the ship.

Guests will be offered a series of drinks including bubbles and exclusive cocktails as you make your way around the tour.

Integrated Scarlet Night Experience

As the tour takes place during Scarlet Night, guests are also guided to some of the fun pop-up elements of this event. This integration ensures that invited guests do not miss out on the key highlights of Scarlet Night while they are on their tour.


The Tentacle Tour offers an exclusive, insider experience for VIP guests on Virgin Voyages. It’s an intriguing blend of behind-the-scenes exploration and participation in the cruise’s most exciting events. If you are lucky enough to get an invite, do not miss this!

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