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On the Rocks

On the Rocks on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
On the Rocks on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

On the Rocks: The Hub of On-board Nightlife

On the Rocks is a lively venue offering an immersive entertainment and social experience. Recognized as one of the largest bars onboard, this vibrant spot features live music most nights, offering a vast selection of beverages from their extensive bar menu.

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Captivating Central Location

Strategically located below The Roundabout, On the Rocks serves as a meeting point for passengers before embarking on a day ashore or venturing into the many engaging activities available onboard. Its central position allows it to serve as a hub for social interactions, creating a vibrant atmosphere perfect for mingling and forming new connections.

Exceptional Bar Offerings

At the heart of On the Rocks is a 360-degree bar, serving a variety of premium liquors and a comprehensive selection of wines. This wide range of beverages ensures that there is something for everyone, whether you’re seeking a classic cocktail, an adventurous new blend, or a glass of high-quality wine.

Enthralling Live Music

On the Rocks is a haven for music enthusiasts, with live performances scheduled most nights. A small event stage set off to the side becomes the spotlight, where resident bands and singers entertain the crowd with their captivating performances. These lively shows run until the early morning, keeping the energy high and the mood celebratory.

The music played at On the Rocks permeates other areas of the ship, including The Roundabout, The High Street, and Draught Haus, creating a unified ambiance throughout these interconnected venues.

Managing Busy Times

On the Rocks can be bustling, particularly during scheduled events. However, alternative options are available for those seeking quieter or quicker drink service. Nearby bars, such as Draught Haus and The Casino Bar, offer a more basic selection of drinks, providing a swift service to guests who prefer a less crowded atmosphere.

Our Thoughts

With its lively atmosphere, extensive drink offerings, and consistent live music, On the Rocks is a cornerstone of the nightlife experience on Virgin Voyages. Whether you’re kicking off an exciting day ashore, winding down after an action-packed day, or simply enjoying the ship’s offerings, On the Rocks ensures a night of fun and entertainment, immersing guests in the vibrant social life of Virgin Voyages.

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