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The Octopus Garden: The Story of Scarlet Night

The Octopus Goddess invites you into her realm to sing the tales of Scarlet Night.

The Octopus Garden: The Story of Scarlet Night on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
The Octopus Garden: The Story of Scarlet Night on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by VV Insider

What Is The Octopus Garden?

The Octopus Goddess, played by The Hostess, from The Happenings Cast, invites you into her Octopus Garden. Every Scarlet Night, The Red Room is transformed into a whimsical “garden”. With a story told straight from the source, she imparts the myths and tales that weave the fabric of this unique evening through song.

The Tale of Scarlet Night

In the midst of her act, the Hostess, now transformed into the Octopus Goddess, turns the Red Room into her Octopus Garden. Here, amidst a medley of beloved tunes, she narrates the legendary story of Scarlet Night and the sailor who have dared to enter her lair.

The Goddess herself will add some light audience participation where she will sing to some of the sailors. Don’t worry if you’re shy; she won’t ask sailors to join her on stage!

Octopus Goddess’ Song List

The event is characterised by the Octopus Goddess singing her Scarlet Night tales. There is a ‘secret lounge’ vibe to this event. The Hostess adapts the songs selected for these tales to suit the atmosphere, arranging them with a post-modern take on popular hits to showcase her vocal talents.

Octopus Garden Show Schedules

This spectacle is a brief 15-minute show, just one of the many activities that unfold during Scarlet Night, all yours to explore at your own pace. They perform the Octopus Garden up to three times during each Scarlet Night. As the night progresses, the Octopus Goddess ascends to the pool deck for the grand pool party. And, for those lucky enough to get an invite; this event is part of the Scarlet Night VIP Tentacle Tour.

dancers dressed in read dancing around a pool
Happenings Cast at the Scarlet Night Pool Party© Photo by VV Insider


The Octopus Garden show is a must-see during your Scarlet Night adventure. Serving as both a display of talent and an opportunity to delve deeper into the tales of Scarlet Night.

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