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Club 485C – Virgin Voyages’ Private Loyalty Club

Club 485C is an exclusive loyalty club that is set above the standard Sailing Club loyalty scheme, it is an exclusive club that was designed originally for a group of 99 loyal Virgin Voyages sailors, it has since grown.

Club 485c logo
Club 485c logo © Photo by Virgin Voyages

What is Club 485C?

Club 485C is an exclusive loyalty club that is set above the standard Sailing Club loyalty scheme, it was originally designed exclusively for a group of loyal 99 Virgin Voyages sailors by invite-only considering multiple criteria before extending an invite. Why 99? Well, the 100th member is Sir Richard Branson of course!


Although all sailors in this category will qualify for all of the standard Deep Blue Rewards, on every voyage they take club 485C members also get:

How To Get Into Club 485C

As of the writing of this page; you can’t.

We have heard rumours of some sailors that have done a substantial number of sailings after the launch of 485C be invited into it after launch.

The loyalty programme is being reviewed in the near future, it may be that Club 485C is expanded or changed into something more attainable. It’s not clear yet if this happens, whether the same benefits will continue to be offered.

Our Thoughts

Club 485C is a fantastic scheme – if you’re lucky enough to be in it! We’d like to see a more inclusive structure to the Sailing Club to incentivize new sailors to become more loyal to Virgin Voyages and expect to see this in the future.

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  1. Heinz Bretschneider says:

    Ahoy, as sailors from the early days of Virgin Cruises, we would also like to be members of Club 485C. We have done 5 cruises on the Lady’s ships so far. Unfortunately, Europeans and Australians do not have the opportunities as often as US citizens,
    especially people from Florida and the surrounding area travel with Virgin cruises.

  2. Cynthia Gail Ready says:

    we are sailing with our adult children on MAach 2024 being in the 485c club will our adult children be about to board with us ?

    1. david says:

      In our experience we’ve found that non-485c sailors will be granted boarding with the rest of their travel party although this may not be strictly in the rules it’s always worth asking the staff at the port if this is possible. (With the caveat that they may need to wait for their allocated boarding slot if staff can’t accommodate)

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