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The Athletic Club

The Athletic Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
The Athletic Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®


The Athletic Club on Virgin Voyages may have a sporty name, but it offers so much more than athletic activities. Covering the entire back of Deck 16, this area is a fun-filled playground for adults with a few unexpected surprises.

Playground Fun, Adult-Style

In The Athletic Club, adult guests can reclaim the joy of their childhood playground days. The area houses three oversized, net-bottomed swings that seem to swing out over the open ocean, creating a thrilling sensation. There’s also a seesaw and other playful installations to discover and enjoy.

For those more inclined towards strategy than swings, a giant chess board awaits. Standing a foot-and-a-half tall, the chess pieces beckon guests for a game of kings under the open sky.

Sun-Worshiping Spaces

The main appeal of The Athletic Club lies at the ship’s aft. Here, sun-worshiping spaces abound:

  • A sprawling sofa-style sunbed wraps around the ship’s stern, inviting guests to relax while taking in the views.
  • Numerous circular sunbeds are spread out, some basking in the sunlight, others in the cool shade of The Runway jogging track on Deck 17.
  • Two hot tubs offer warm waters and sweeping views of the ocean or port, depending on the ship’s position. Note: these tubs lack jets or bubbles, and hasty entries can lead to an overflow—take your time stepping in to avoid a splashy situation!
  • The central area of this space features a catamaran-style net that offers daring views straight down nine decks to The Dock bar—a sight not for the faint of heart.

The Perks of Relaxation

The Athletic Club isn’t only about providing fun and relaxation; it also ensures a high level of service. Servers are available to bring drinks directly to guests, whether they’re lounging on sunbeds or soaking in the hot tubs.

Our Thoughts

The Athletic Club is the gem of deck 16 of Virgin Voyages. It blends playful elements with luxurious relaxation areas, creating an atmosphere that is both fun and serene. Whether you’re swinging over the ocean, engaging in a chess battle, or soaking up the sun, The Athletic Club offers a unique and delightful experience.

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