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The Perch

The Perch on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
The Perch on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®


On Virgin Voyages cruise ships, you’ll find ‘The Perch’ on Deck 17. It’s a peaceful open-air area known for  offering fantastic ocean views that span 360 degrees.

Elevated Vantage Point

Located on the very top deck of the ship, ‘The Perch’ affords guests uninterrupted vistas of the vast ocean and the enchanting horizon, making it a coveted spot for those in search of scenic solitude.

A Mountain View at sea
© Photo by VV Insider

A Quiet Retreat

For most of the day, ‘The Perch’ enjoys a peaceful ambiance, away from the bustling main areas of the ship. Guests can relax, read, or enjoy the sound of waves at this serene spot, offering a blissful escape.

Topless Sunbathing

One of the features of ‘The Perch’ is the freedom it offers guests when it comes to sunbathing. Unlike traditional sun decks, this venue allows for full-body tanning, making bikini tops optional for those who wish to embrace an all-over tan.

Limited Seating

The design of ‘The Perch’ prioritizes open spaces and unobstructed views, resulting in limited seating options. Typically, guests won’t find regular seating here unless deck crew sets it up for sea days or special events.

Wellness and Celebrations

‘The Perch’ hosts wellness events like outdoor yoga, harmonizing mind, body, and soul with the beauty of a sea view. In addition to wellness events, exclusive sail-away or sunset parties are occasionally held here, featuring live music and creating an ambiance of celebration. One such event is the ‘Splash of Romance‘ party, an exclusive gathering for those who have purchased the package, to toast the sunset in style. Additionally, the Deep Blue Extras cocktail hour can take place here.

Our Thoughts

‘The Perch’ on Virgin Voyages cruise ships provides a serene and beautiful experience on deck 17, perfect for relaxation and enjoying the sun. Even at night The Perch can be incredibly relaxing with a view of just you and the ocean.

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