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Laundry On Board

Virgin doesn’t provide a self-service launderette onboard their ships, but they do offer a by the bag and piece deal for sailors.

Folded laundry
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Although Virgin doesn’t provide a self-service launderette onboard their ships, they offer a comprehensive laundry service for your convenience.

This service includes the complete management of all your laundry needs. Upon entering your cabin, you’ll discover a laundry slip with detailed instructions on how to proceed. You can simply contact your cabin host to arrange for the laundry pickup, and if you’re in a hurry, there are options available for express service to ensure your laundry is returned promptly.

How Much Does Laundry Cost ?

There are two ways to get your laundry washed that are individually priced:

  • By The Bag – This is a large bag that will fit a whole load of laundry and will be folded and delivered to your cabin.
    • $30 Regular Wash & Fold delivered by 5:30pm next day
    • $50 Express Wash & Fold delivered by 5:30pm same day if picked up before 11:00am
  • By The Piece – Priced at per piece (ie. tops, pants, sweaters, undies, pair of socks, t-shirt etc)
    • $4 Press Only – This is where the cruise line will iron/press the clothing item without washing it first.
    • $5 Wash & Fold – The wash and fold option means that the clothes are washed but not pressed/ironed and returned folded.
    • $6 Wash & Press – This option means that the clothing item is washed then pressed/ironed.
    • $7 Eco Clean Dry Cleaning – This is the most expensive option but is a full dry clean of your clothing.

Same Day Express service is an additional $20 for all items delivered by 5:30pm if picked up before 11:00am. All options will be charged to your on board account.

“Silk, flannel trousers, woolens and other items that are difficult to clean are accepted for laundering only at the owners risk.” – Virgin Voyages

Can I get an Iron or Steamer ?

Virgin Voyages doesn’t provide irons in cabins, and bringing your own is not allowed. The solution offered is loaning a limited number of steamers to guests. Just contact your cabin host on board for this convenient alternative.

Perks for Loyal Sailors

If you have Deep Blue Extras with the Virgin Sailing Club you will receive two pressed items, one specialty-cleaned item, and a bag of laundry (Regular Service) for free!

Mega Rockstars receive free laundry daily and can submit a full bag each day for express service. 

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