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Sailing Solo

Embarking on a solo adventure at sea can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Virgin Voyages, with its laid-back atmosphere and friendly vibe, is an excellent choice for those opting to sail unaccompanied.

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Virgin Voyages makes sailing solo a vacation to remember © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

Embarking as a solo at sea can be an incredibly rewarding but also daunting experience. Virgin Voyages, with its laid-back atmosphere and friendly vibe, is an excellent choice for those opting to sail unaccompanied. This guide is designed to help you make the most of your solo journey on the open waves with Virgin Voyages.

Embracing the Solo Sailor Spirit

For solo sailors, the cruise line’s atmosphere is important. Virgin Voyages is known for its friendly and welcoming environment that promotes socializing and self-discovery. Whether you’re a first-time solo cruiser or an experienced sailor, Virgin Voyages provides a space where you can choose to be as social or independent as you like.

Accommodations for the Solo Traveler

  • Solo Cabins: Designed specifically for the solo traveler, Virgin Voyages offer both ’Solo Sea View’ cabins and ‘Solo Insider‘ rooms that cater to your privacy and comfort without compromising on the luxury experience. Keep in mind that solo cabins are very limited with only 4 Sea View’s and 42 Insider’s so book fast as they do sell out!
  • Room for One or More: If you’re looking for more space, you can opt for cabins intended for two or more passengers. Keep in mind that this option typically comes with a single-supplement fee, which can make it a pricier choice however you will only pay half the taxes. Look out for offers from Virgin Voyages as they often sell cabins at a single rate with no additional charge.
An inside cruise ship cabin
Solo Insider cabins offer great value and comfortable accommodations for solo sailors © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

Connecting with Fellow Sailors

Join Groups Before Setting Sail

By joining a Facebook Group linked to your sailing, you can meet fellow travelers in advance. These groups are listed on our website, and if one doesn’t exist yet for your sailing, consider creating one yourself and start the conversation off!

Solo Events And More

Virgin Voyages curates events with the solo cruiser in mind:

  • Solo Sailor Gatherings: These events are perfect for meeting other individual travelers and making connections that enhance your voyage. There will typically be a sail away meet up event on the first night. Virgin Voyages will then hold dinners throughout the voyage hosted by the Happenings Cast.
  • Other Social Activities:
    • Grog Walk: A ship-wide bar crawl, normally held on the first night of the voyage, is a great way to make new friends on board. The Happenings Cast will take the lead and set sailors off on ice-breaker activities.
    • Juice Walk: Similar to the Grog Walk but this one is for those that don’t drink alcohol.
    • Trivia and Puzzles: There are many trivia events on board. Including a Speed Puzzle event, smaller groups of sailors will always be looking for one more person to help them beat other teams so go along and take part.
    • Physical Games and Activities: Normally held in the Athletics Club – The Happenings Cast host a number of physical and fun events that require participation and teamwork. Activities include Dodgeball, Game On (a series of quick-fire team games like shooting hoops and corn hole) and more.
a group of people in fun pyjamas posing in a colourful room
Participating in the larger ship events like the PJ Party is a great way to stand out and meet new people© Photo by Virgin Voyages®

The Heart of the Ship’s Social Scene

The Happenings Cast: On Board Entertainment Team

Forget the traditional Cruise Director; Virgin Voyages introduces the Happenings Cast. A dynamic group of entertainers who are the lifeblood of the ship’s social scene. Getting to know them can be your gateway to an array of activities where other social sailors will join.

A group of people in dazzling nightwear agains a plush marble background
The Happenings Cast are Virgin Voyages®’ fabulous alternative to a traditional cruise director© Photo by Virgin Voyages®

In Summary

Sailing solo doesn’t mean sailing alone, especially with the solo-friendly cabins, social groups, and tailored events. You’ll find that your solo journey can be as interactive and engaging as you desire. With the Happenings Cast leading the charge and a ship full of potential new friends. Set sail on your own terms, and discover the vibrant solo cruiser community that awaits you aboard Virgin Voyages.

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