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Wi-Fi Internet Access & Remote Working

With both basic and premium Wi-Fi on offer, Virgin Voyages has become a popular remote working destination. This guide covers the costs, speed and availability.

A person working on a laptop and phone using Wi-Fi
Connect up to Two Devices with the included Wi-Fi © Photo by Austin Distel

Wi-Fi Included

Virgin Voyages is one of the few larger cruise lines to offer inclusive Wi-Fi internet access on board, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to stay connected during their cruise. This guide provides practical insights into maintaining connectivity and if needed working remotely while enjoying the unique Virgin Voyages cruise.

Basic/Premium Wi-Fi Options

Basic Wi-Fi:

  • Suitable for browsing, messaging, light work, and basic audio.
  • Included with every cruise at no additional cost.

Premium Wi-Fi:

  • Enables full audio streaming, video streaming and calling.
  • Costs $30 + tax per night; cruise-long passes available for around $20 per night.
  • Free for Deep Blue Extras or Mega Rockstar Suites.
  • Note: Premium WiFi does not increase speed but unlocks streaming and calling.

You can connect up to two devices per sailor (e.g., tablet and phone). Easily switch devices at any time if you need to connect a third device. Watches don’t count towards the limit as they connect via your phone.

Messaging on Board

Messaging in the Virgin Voyages app is limited to Sailor Services at this time.  It’s advised to use alternatives like iMessage, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger over the Wi-Fi. Apps requiring GPS, such as some dating apps, may not work as expected and are best used at port.

Avoid SMS or standard phone calls due to potential high costs when the ‘Cellular at Sea’ network is active.

VPNs, Video Calling & Remote Work

Virgin Voyages has become a popular working destination, with some sailors spending months on board for work. With the inclusive Wi-Fi, reasonable premium options, and ample bandwidth it is an ideal choice for remote work. Video conferencing is feasible from any part of the ship including your cabin when purchasing the premium Wi-Fi option.

VPNs are fully supported if need be for remote work. However you must disable them to use the Virgin Voyages app, which needs access to onboard servers.

The Grounds Club coffee bar is a popular remote working destination for sailors© Photo by Virgin Voyages®

Wi-Fi Availability & Speed

Virgin Voyages uses Elon Musk’s Starlink system for satellite connectivity, ensuring a decent speed. Bandwidth is typically around 10mbps down, 5mbps up, depending on the region. Ports visited connect directly to land towers for enhanced performance.

Note: When sailing in the India region, WiFi services may be affected due to the government’s ban on Starlink. It is worth checking the availability map for additional regions that Virgin Voyages may sail in.

About the author

Co-Founder and Editor. An iOS developer and writer with a passion for theme parks and extensive cruise experience, blending technical know how with a love for Virgin Voyages nearing 15 sailings around the world.

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  1. Nicholas Stofberg says:

    Does anyone have an idea how much it will cost for premium internet for the Sydney – Cape Town cruise?
    And then the Cape Town – Barcelona cruise?

    1. VV Insider says:

      Hi Nicholas its in the guide, the discounted rate is around $20 per night 🙂

  2. Elizabeth mahoney says:

    i would like to have deep blue extras before we come on board in Oct 24, would this be possible

    1. VV Insider says:

      Hi Elizabeth, you can no longer match into the Sailing Club program and get Deep Blue Extras, this ended December 31st 2023. We are awaiting details of the new version of the Sailing Club, click here for more info.

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