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New Scarlet Lady Headline Show for Summer Season

Scarlet Lady's new show, "It’s a Rock Show-ke," offers classic rock and 90s music in the Red Room, enhancing Mediterranean voyages this Summer


It’s a Rock Show-ke Live Band
It’s a Rock Show-ke Live Band © Photo by VV Insider

As Scarlet Lady transitions to 7 night and longer voyages, in the Mediterranean market, the opportunity for a new Headline Show has arrived. Virgin Voyages has introduced their version of a mass karaoke called “It’s a Rock Show-ke” featuring two versions: Classic Rock or 90s music.

Rocking the Red Room

The concept is simple: the live band  of It’s a Rock Show-ke takes over the Red Room, inviting sailors to sing along. The adaptable Red Room is configured for both dancing on the floor and comfortable seating, ensuring everyone can enjoy the show according to their mood.

Two Nights, Two Vibes

Offered over two nights, the show encourages repeat visits, promising a unique experience each time. The “90s(ish)” night features hits from Nirvana, Oasis, Spice Girls, Four Non Blondes, No Doubt, Violent Femmes, and more! Meanwhile, the “Classic Rock” version showcases timeless tunes from Rolling Stones, Queen, Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Journey, and others, appealing to a wide range of musical tastes.

It’s a Rock Show-ke Live Band
It’s a Rock Show-ke Live Band© Photo by VV Insider

Sing Along and Dance Away

Lyrics appear on screens as the band rocks out, inviting sailors to join in. The live band frequently interacts with the audience, encouraging participation on the mic, creating a fun atmosphere .

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Future Plans

The hope is to roll out the show to the rest of the fleet if successful on Scarlet Lady this Summer. Virgin Voyages continues to adapt entertainment offerings based on the ever changing demands of sailors on board.

The show is an additional offering in the Red Room, not replacing current headline shows like UNTITLED DANCEPARTYSHOWTHING, Duel Reality & Ships in the Night, ensuring a diverse range of entertainment options for sailors to enjoy.

Overview & Video Preview

If you’re planning a voyage on Scarlet Lady this Summer, make sure to schedule a visit to “It’s a Rock Show-ke” for an unforgettable night of classic karaoke and live band performance that will rock your world. It is typically scheduled once a night at a later time slot of 10pm. Check the event line-ups for more information.

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