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The Casino Bar

The Casino Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
The Casino Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Adam Jaime

About The Casino Bar

The Casino Bar aboard Virgin Voyages offers a convenient spot for those who like to grab a quick drink in between their gaming activities or even for those who just want a fast, friendly service. Located in proximity to The Casino, this small but efficient bar ensures guests stay refreshed without having to wander far from their favorite slot machine or card game.

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Location and Hours

Positioned near The Casino, the Casino Bar enjoys a prime spot that makes it easy for patrons to pick up a beverage without straying too far from their gaming action. Its extended opening hours add to its convenience, catering to guests during peak casino times and beyond. This bar also serves those using The Smoking Room, located at the other end of the The Casino.

Drinks Selection

While the Casino Bar might not boast the most extensive drink list on board, it makes up for it with its prompt service. Whether you’re in the mood for a cocktail, a beer, or a soft drink, the Casino Bar can whip up a refreshing beverage in no time.

Quick and Efficient Service

One of the major draws of the Casino Bar is its quick service, particularly during the busy hours. Compared to other bars like On the Rocks, guests often find it quicker to get their drinks at the Casino Bar, allowing them more time to get back to the excitement of The Casino.

In Conclusion

Though it might be small in size, the Casino Bar offers a practical solution for those seeking a swift drink service near the gaming action. With its convenient location, good opening hours, and quick service, it’s a handy pit stop for refreshment during your Virgin Voyages adventure.

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