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Richard’s Rooftop Bar

Richard’s Rooftop Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Richard’s Rooftop Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

Location and Atmosphere

At the front of Virgin Voyages sits Richard’s Rooftop Bar, a luxurious haven reserved for ‘Rockstar’ suite-level guests. The bar frames a forward-facing, unbeatable ocean view. It nestles within the shaded space of the exclusive ‘Richard’s Rooftop’ area. Though seating directly by the bar is limited, the broader Richard’s Rooftop area offers ample room to lounge.

Expect nothing but the best service from the bar staff at Richard’s Rooftop. They greet Rockstar guests with friendly smiles and personalized attention, turning each visit into a unique experience.

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Champagne/Sunset Happy Hour

Richard’s Rooftop Bar offers a relaxing ambiance for guests to unwind and enjoy the stunning views. During the special hour, sailors can enjoy complimentary Möet champagne or a complimentary range of alcoholic beverages, adding a touch of luxury to their evening.

Bar Offerings

In addition to champagne, the bar offers a selection of unique menu items, including the refreshing frozen sangria, buckets of beer, speciality wines and much more, perfect for those looking to try something different while enjoying the sophisticated atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking a place to enjoy a leisurely aperitif or simply soak in the scenery, Richard’s Rooftop Bar provides a serene setting for guests to indulge and unwind.

Food Service & Menu

Available from 12pm – 5pm each day the bar is also able to offer food service with offerings from the Sun Club Cafe brought directly to your seat. There is also two exclusive offerings for Rockstar guests.

Sun Kissed Snacks

Maple & Carrot Dip – Yuzu Yogurt, Hazelnut, Quinoa Lavosh Cracker

“Guaka” Mousse Dip – Corn Relish, Moringa & Pumpkin Seed Slice

“Firecracker” Chili – Caramel Popcorn

Bao Buns Out

Smokey Oyster Mushroom – Smashed Cucumbers, Cashew Hoisin

BBQ Beef Rib – Watermelon Rind Kimchi, Horseradish Kalbi Mayo

Day Bed Bowls

Five Spice Chicken – Jasmine Rice, Pickled Shiitake, Black Garlic Gochujang

Tuna – Jasmine Rice, Avocado, Sambal

Salmon Poke – Black & White Rice, Wasabi Tobiko, Lotus Root

For Richard’s Eyes Only

Garden of SRB – Carrot & Yuzu Salad Beetroot & Black Truffle Nigiri King Oyster & Crisp Onion Nigiri Avocado & Asparagus Uramaki

Magic Moments – Wakame & Shitake Salad Seabass & Citrus Ponzo Nigiri, Cured Ebi Shrimp & Moringa Hollandaise Nigiri Cripsy Pork Katsu & Red Pepper Chutney Uramaki

Two plates of sushi on richards rooftop bar
Sushi on Richard’s Rooftop Bar© Photo by VV Insider


Richard’s Rooftop Bar sets a high bar for luxury and exclusivity onboard Virgin Voyages. The exceptional service, exclusive drinks, and the stunning view create a matchless cruise experience for Rockstar guests. Whether you prefer Möet or a frozen sangria this bar offers the perfect backdrop to relax in comfort and style.

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