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Inside Look: “Seven Seas Sippers” Bar Crawl

An elevated bar crawl disguised as a cocktail treasure hunt. This special event offers sailors a chance to navigate the ship's popular bars.


Pirates Booty Shot from Loose Cannon with golden coins and a black drink
Pirates Booty Shot from Loose Cannon © Photo by The Doddolds

Embark on a unique maritime adventure with Seven Seas Sippers, an elevated bar crawl cleverly disguised as a cocktail treasure hunt. This special event, first introduced at the Eat & Drink Festival, offers sailors a chance to navigate the ship’s popular bars while enjoying seven distinct cocktails or mock-tails. The current version of this event has elapsed but will likely be extended further in the future and for later this year.

The Map-Led Expedition

Sailors follow a map to explore the ship, discovering hidden gems at each watering hole. Maps for the event are conveniently delivered to staterooms, or sailors can request a copy from Sailor Services.

Seven Seas Sippers Map
Seven Seas Sippers Map© Photo by TheDoddolds

Stamp Collection

For $9 to $15 per drink, sailors collect stamps along their route, earning a shot at claiming a secret treasure. The objective is simple: visit all seven bars, order the special cocktail, and get a stamp. Complete the map, take it to Sailor Services, and enter a raffle for a chance to win a free voyage. Non-alcoholic options are available for each drink, catering to all preferences.

Drinks & Costs

The seven unique drinks, each with its distinct flavor profile, are a focal point of the journey:

  • Gym & Tonic – Sailor Blues ($11) – Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, blue curacao, pineapple, coconut, lemon
  • Casino Bar – Smoke Signals ($11) – Johnnie Walker Double Black Label Scotch, lime, ginger beer, sparkling water
  • Loose Cannon – Pirate’s Booty Shot ($15) – Johnnie Walker Black Label Seotch, bitters, hazelnut, black sugar rim
  • Draught Haus – Thar She Blows ($9) – Bailey’s Irish Cream, coffee liqueur. amaretto whipped cream
  • The Dock House – Officer’s Choice ($11) – Tanqueray Ten Gin, elderflower, orange bitters, grapefruit essence
  • Sip Lounge – Captain Richards PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Latte) ($13) – Ketel One Vodka, orange vanilla liqueur, pumpkin, cold brew coffee, cream
  • Athletic Club Bar – From Below ($11) – Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Blueberry, Lime, Lavender

As of December 2023, the total cost to complete the adventure and try all seven drinks would be $81. While this might be a slight drawback, especially for those without Bar Tabs, it’s a unique opportunity to explore different bars on the ship and with the chance to win a free voyage, available until January 31, 2024, adds an extra layer of excitement.

Thar She Blows drink from Draught Haus, whipped cream on top of coffee liqueur
Thar She Blows drink from Draught Haus© Photo by TheDoddolds

In Conclusion

In essence, Seven Seas Sippers provides a relaxed way to tour the ship’s bars, offering a variety of drinks and a chance to win a free voyage. If you’re open to trying new things and don’t mind the fixed cost, it’s a great way to experience the ship’s offerings while enjoying some unique concoctions. So, if you’re onboard and looking for a laid-back adventure, give Seven Seas Sippers a try next time it is available, hopefully Virgin Voyages extends this offering in the future as well.


Big thanks to The Doddolds for sharing a video that breaks down the entire process, detailing the taste of each drink and explaining how the map functions. Be sure to watch their video below:

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