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Meet your Fourth Happenings Cast on Resilient Lady

With new faces and fan favorites returning you can find the fourth Resilient Lady Happenings Cast on board from July 23rd 2024 until February 1st 2025.

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Resilient Lady Happenings Cast 4
Resilient Lady Happenings Cast 4

For those sailing in the next few months look out for the next Happenings Cast for Resilient Lady, now in rehearsal in Orlando.  The traditional cruise director role on cruise ships undergoes a dynamic transformation on the Virgin Voyages ships. Enter “The Happenings Cast”, a diverse ensemble of 12 individuals who provide entertainment, guidance, and more for sailors.

This seasoned team of experts as well as newbies to the brand will be guiding and entertaining sailors aboard Resilient Lady as she embarks on voyages across the globe from Portsmouth to San Juan, from July 23rd, 2024 to February 1st, 2025.

A Farewell to the Third Cast

With the transition to the next Happenings Cast, the current cast will enjoy the next few weeks on board before heading home on July 24th following a brief transition period. This cast played a key role in navigating Resilient Lady back to the Greek Isles from Australia following the re-route due to Red Sea tensions. You can check out all of the latest on the Resilient Lady’s Happenings Cast on Instagram.

Meet Resilient Lady’s Fourth Happenings Cast

With a large number of returning faces, particularly from the sixth Valiant Lady Happenings Cast plus the addition new talent sailors are in safe hands with the latest cast.

Voyage Hosts

Milly: The Hostess (Replacing Hannah)

Returning to the role of The Hostess is Milly a singer from the Isle of Wight, UK having previously been a part of the Scarlet Lady cast. Look out for Milly on Scarlet Night at The Octopus Garden & launching Love, Love, Love with The Hostess previously launched on Scarlet Lady in June 2024 during your voyage.

Milly the Hostess
Milly the Hostess© Photo by Milly

Gila Moonstar: The Diva (Replacing Titty Kaka)

A fan favorite Diva, Gila Moonstar returns to Virgin Voyages with many contracts under her belt. Gila has even featured on the US version of The Weakest Link! You can find Gila Moonstar at Around the World with the Diva and Bingo with the Diva.

Gila Moonstar
Gila Moonstar© Photo by Gila Moonstar


These members are the experts in their field hosting everything from Trivia to Food Workshops to Magic Shows.

Sean: The Gamer (Replacing Cameron)

Sean is a fan favorite regular on board with many contracts under his belt across the fleet including recently on Valiant Lady. Look out for him hosting Last One Standing, Risky Quizness & Nintendo Switch Game Night in the Social Club.


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Chris: The Charmer (Replacing Trenton)

New to Virgin Voyages comes Chris from New York. He is renowned for not just his magic skills but also as a theatrical singer. You can find Chris, the Charmer at Tips & Tricks during Afternoon Tea as well as his own secret shows throughout the voyage.

Simon: The Foodie (Replacing Jake)

Another returnee to the Happenings Cast is Simon, The Foodie, after being recently on Valiant Lady. Simon has previously worked for Disney.  You can find Simon at events like Shot for Shot & Plate, Snap, Eat: Foodie Photo Workshop.


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Blanca: The Artist (Replacing Will)

New to Virgin Voyages is Blanca, the Artist. Look out for Blanca at events such as Painting with Boozy Bevies as well as the painting segment of the Seahorse Race.

Katrina: The Balancer

Katrina has been with Virgin Voyages since 2022 helping to launch Valiant Lady from Portsmouth as part of cast one and with multiple other contracts under her belt. Katrina is a fan favorite performer from Florida with previous experience at Universal and Disney parks. You can find Katrina, the Balancer at events such as Zumba and Game On.

Influencers and Dancers

These members are the vibrant faces seen across Virgin Voyages social channels, ensuring every event is lively and engaging.

Dair: The Spark (Replacing Chris)

Another newbie is Dair, the Spark, a  world traveler and dance instructor. You can find Dair at multiple events across the ship!

Katie: The Flare (Replacing Kyla)

Also new to the ship life is Katie, a dancer and model from Florida. Look out for Katie at the parties on board such as We Fancy and Klub Rubiks.

Maddie: The Glow (Replacing Anjali)

Returning to Virgin Voyages is Maddie, The Glow following her debut in cast six on Valiant Lady. She’s a performer and dancer from Florida. Maddie will be bringing the glow events like Klub Rubiks.

Andrei: The Hype (Replacing Pip)

Andrei (previously The Gamer) is returning in a new role following his stint in Resilient Lady Cast 2 in Australia. Andrei is a stunt performer and has appeared on the We’re Here TV show. You can find Andrei, hosting multiple events throughout the ship!


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Hope: The Bounce (Replacing Nayda)

Also returning is Hope, The Bounce (previously Spark). A professional dancer and entertainer who previously was in Scarlet Lady Cast 7. Look out for Hope as the co-host of Bingo with the Diva.

Get to Know your Happenings Cast

The Happenings Cast onboard the Virgin Voyages cruise ships are often the life and soul of your cruise vacation. The cast will be sailing between July 23rd, 2024 to February 1st, 2025, if you have booked during this time frame be sure to reach out to the cast on board.

Many sailors find interacting with the cast on social media is a great way to get to know them and some cast members share hints, tips and event times on their stories. The cast are there not only to entertain but also guide you accordingly to help plan out activities on board.

Resilient Lady Cast 4 are now in rehearsal
Resilient Lady Cast 4 are now in rehearsal

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