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Virgin Voyages Celebrates Pride Month with Colorful Cocktails

Virgin Voyages celebrates Pride Month with colorful cocktails inspired by the pride flag alongside existing events such as Bingo with the Diva.


Featured Pride Month Cocktails
Featured Pride Month Cocktails © Photo by Virgin Voyage's

Virgin Voyages is known for its commitment to inclusivity and diversity, values that are at the heart of its brand identity. This June, in honor of Pride Month, Virgin Voyages is celebrating the LGBTQ+ community with a pride themed drinks menu and existing onboard activities.

Speciality Beverages Join the Menu

One of the highlights of this year’s Pride Month celebration is the introduction of curated specialty cocktails and mocktails, thoughtfully crafted by the cruise line’s expert mixologists. These beverages are inspired by the colors of the pride flag, each representing a different aspect of inclusivity and the significance behind the flag’s hues.

Available at every restaurant and bar across the entire Virgin Voyages fleet, these drinks offer a colorful and tasteful celebration of Pride. As a reminder you can use your Bar Tab for any of these drinks, use the Bar Tab Calculator to estimate how much Bar Tab you’ll need!

Pride Drinks Menus

The vast majority of bars and venues on board are offering Pride drinks menus, we’ve curated the highlights of the Menu into one PDF.

Download Menus

Pride Drinks offered at Pink Agave
Pride Drinks offered at Pink Agave© Photo by Kelly St Romaine

Existing Inclusive Events & Activities

Beyond the bar, Virgin Voyages offers a variety of established activities and events that foster an inclusive atmosphere. Featured inclusive events celebrating diversity include:

Dixie Krystals as the Diva in Around the World in 80 Minutes© Photo by VV Insider

Always Welcoming Environment

Virgin Voyages’ dedication to fostering a welcoming environment is always reflected in their award-winning entertainment. This inclusive spirit ensures that all sailors, regardless of their background, feel celebrated and comfortable.

Whether relaxing with a panoramic ocean view on the running track, indulging in a rejuvenating spa session, or dancing the night away at The Manor nightclub, Virgin Voyages makes sure that Pride Month is celebrated with style and a sense of community.

A group of people dressed in red partying in a red room
Virgin Voyages’ unique entertainment is just one of the reasons they were voted number one© Photo by Virgin Voyages

Future Pride Month Events

As Virgin Voyages continues to embrace and celebrate Pride, there is hope that future Pride Month additions will go beyond drinks, introducing new events and experiences that further highlight and honor the LGBTQ+ community. 

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  1. Rob Millwood says:

    My bigger question: is VV “Pinkwashing”?

    It’s great that they are supporting pride, but are they actually doing anything with the extra profits for the LGBT+ crew or community from the drinks? Companys (including other Virgin brands) have been called out for this before.

  2. Jon says:

    I tried some of the Pride cocktails on Resilient Lady in June 2023, I can remember a watermelon one in The Wake being very good.

  3. John Wayne Desselle says:

    What are the cocktails? You show them, but don’t describe them.

    1. Rob Sammons says:

      Hi John this is all the information Virgin Voyages has provided unfortunately …

  4. Derek says:

    Need more than just cocktails for this !

    1. Evan says:

      100% agree. While it’s a fun little thing, that’s exactly what it is, a little thing. We need special events and a special Diva show MINIMUM

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